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  • What is a Local Tournament?

    Do you often face lot of hassle while organizing sports events? Does coordinating makes you completely go haywire? Well, KickStart can make your life a lot simpler as it allows you to coordinate and also organize events online both at the same time.

    Hurray, you can create your own free sign up
    Just select a professional theme and set the date/time as per your requirement.

    Inviting group members is fun now
    Use email invites or link to the event for the group members.

    Easy and quick online sign up 24/7 for members
    Yes, the members are allowed to opt for sign up anytime, anywhere. Alerts sent when sign up happens.

    Email reminders/alerts
    Customizing the email reminders or alerts when sign up happens.

    Build innumerable sign ups
    Yes, you can build as many sign ups as you want. There are no charges on them.

    Mail us your requirements at consulting@kickstartsport.com and learn more about the uniqueness of KickStart. It is time to 'KickStart' organizing events.